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[ Battle of Fort Stephenson - History Links Project Ideas - Primary Sources - Ohio County Boundaries - War of 1812 Uniform - 1812 Native American - Writing Links - Art Links - Crossword - Culminating Activity - Croghan Day 2012 ]

Primary Sources

Primary sources are accounts by people involved in the events being written about. Think of primary sources as first- hand details or “eye witness” reporting.

Primary sources offer insight into the thoughts and feelings of the people involved in past events. Some examples of primary sources are: letters, diaries, speeches, newspaper accounts, official documents, memoirs, autobiographies, as well as artifacts, maps, photos, and paintings. Historians carefully read and consider the primary sources pertaining to events to better understand history. These sources offer an important point of view.

Secondary sources are important because they often summarize the events and can offer a point of view from the present-day perspective or people who weren’t at the event. Secondary sources include biographies, encyclopedias, and history books.

#1 Study Activity : Reread the written account of the battle from the Birchard Library online site. Also you may use this link: . Read the letter General William Henry Harrison sent to Major George Croghan and those returned to him by Major Croghan.

Enjoy the hand-written letters too. Can you read any of the writing?

Complete the questions 1-7 as best you can on the Primary Source Evaluation form at the end of this study material.


#3 Compare and Contrast :

Using online links to the military leaders in this battle choose two of the following: General Proctor, Colonel George Croghan, General William Henry Harrison, or Tecumseh. Study their lives and successes. Create a Venn diagram on butcher paper and name the overlapping area, “commonalities.” List contrasting characteristics and outcomes in their lives. Do the same for the common area.


#2 Study Activity : Using the above Sandusky scrapbook link, go to the photo file. Click on the action photo of the British being assaulted by the soldiers inside the fort walls,.

Discussion questions:

1. Why do you think this picture was painted?

2. What did the painter want you to feel when looking at this painting?

3. What part of the battle does the painter show? Why did he use this part?

4. Why is this painting important?


#3 Study Activity: Using the Sandusky scrapbook page, study the artifacts, particularly the weapons.

1. Why was the bayonet so important?

2. How were bayonets used by the American soldiers?

3. What would you like to know about the cannonball?


#4 Study Activity: Using the above Sandusky scrapbook link, go to the photo gallery again and find the etching of the fort plans. Study the plans.

1. Look carefully at the fort plans. Why do you think the fort was going to be doubled in size?

2. Can you find the blockhouse? With the fort doubled in size where will the new location of the blockhouse be?

3. Can you find the drawing the ditch. Why do you think this was in the early plans for the fort?

4. What other parts of the fort interest you from this plan? Write why.




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December 18, 2018