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Kid Zone
Kid Zone
Cite your source based on MLA style
Encyclopedia Smithsonian
Information Please Kid’s Almanac
EBSCO Kids Search
Mr Donn's Ancient History Page
National Geographic for Kids - Animals & Pets
Kids Konnect
Sea World
About Owls
African-American Biographies
African-Americans (Infoplease)
Biographies of Famous People
Country Facts
Map Machine
Multnomah County Public Library
World Flags
All about dinosaurs
Environments / Biomes / Habitats
Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
Find your elected officials
Ohio's Elected Officials
Historical Documents of the United States
Multnomah County Public Library
Primary Sources
Fact Monster Math & Money
A plus math
Native American Nations
Native American Sites
Kids News Room
Time for Kids
Conversion tables for Fahrenheit and Celsius
How Stuff Works
Science websites from Multnomah County Public Library
State Facts
State Games

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March 20, 2014