Crafty Crocheters Wanted

 Crocheted library card holder    Crocheted fidget toys   Toaster Pastry Card Holder / Toy

Do you crochet? Do you have time to create one or more of these little library card holders or summery fidget toys to donate as prizes for our upcoming Summer Reading Challenge?

The little crocheted octopuses that the library awarded as prizes for reading 16 hours in the 2023 Summer Reading Challenge were an absolute hit with the kids. We'd like to keep that momentum going this summer by offering a choice of crocheted toys as prizes: Library Card Holders or Stuffed Toys.

Links to the patterns are below. Completed toys can be dropped off at the Children's Department at our Main Branch or at any of our branches.

Library Card Holder / Toy: Basic Instructions (can be used to create your own design)

S'more Card Holder / Toy

Toaster Pastry Card Holder / Toy

Froggy Card Holder / Toy (will be posted soon - pattern needs to be tweaked).

Ice Cream Cone


Patterns can also be found on the Library's Pinterest board.

A few more patterns will be added in the next 2-3 weeks.

This year our Summer Reading Challenge will run June 1 - July 31, 2023.